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Appendix of important additional note regarding recent events: “It started with a student newspaper story and an

explosive remark by the president that faculty members have to stop thinking of freshmen as “cuddly bunnies,” but

instead “just have to drown the bunnies … put a Glock to their heads.” Then two professors were fired, in a move that

university officials said was not retaliation but that many interpreted as clear retribution for opposing the new president’s

policies. …

The following statement was approved by the Georgetown University Faculty Senate by a unanimous vote on February

16, 2016.

The Georgetown University Faculty Senate joins the faculty of Mount St. Mary’s in condemning the summary

dismissal of two faculty members, one tenured, for alleged “disloyalty.” Academic freedom is at the very heart

of a university. It includes the freedom to express disagreement with the president and other administrators over

the policies of the institution. Academic freedom is protected by the institution of tenure, which entails a mutually

acknowledged expectation of continuing employment that is terminable by the university only for just cause and

after due process. While the subsequent reinstatement of the two faculty members is a step in the right direction,

the fact that summary dismissal would even be contemplated in a university and executed without due process

is cause for grave concern.

In addition to its general concern for the health and well-being of universities across the nation and

world, the Georgetown University Faculty Senate is especially disturbed by the disrespectful treatment of one of

our university’s own students, Associate Professor Thane Naberhaus (Ph.D. ‘04).

Svrluga S. Georgetown faculty joins Mount St. Mary’s in calling for academic freedom.

Washington Post

Feb 18, 2016


See also: Mount St. Mary’s faculty asks president to resign by Monday morning.

Washington Post

Feb 12, 2016