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International Journal of Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine

is a peer-reviewed evidence-based

clinically-oriented publication produced quarterly with periodic special releases in print and/or digital formats

(per author request/permission and Editor judgment), available as pay-per-issue, free/open access, or as a

membership benefit (included or discounted), in English and/or other languages. As the title of the journal

indicates, the focus of the journal is human nutrition (i.e., we publish only human-referent information, not

animal studies; however, we will publish

translational summaries

of new animal research) and functional

medicine, a broad clinical and conceptual discipline that seeks to protect, restore, and optimize human health by

appreciating human physiology’s systems biology construct and thus the necessity of addressing the totality of

factors that influence health and disease outcomes in the




of individual patients as well as the



of local and international groups of persons. The journal is dynamic and adaptive; updated

information about the journal is available on-line at the website .


of Social Responsibility

: Due to the recent mis-use of science and the misuse of prominent positions to mis-

direct public opinion away from science and logic, ICHNFM has found necessity in forming a statement of

social responsibility. ICHNFM requires—starting in 2015—that educational materials be socially contextualized

with a humanistic emphasis; humanism is a philosophical and ethical stance that emphasizes the value and

agency of human beings, individually and collectively, and requires critical thinking and evidence (rationalism,

empiricism). In direct opposition to any notion that science and intellectual work are and should be separate

from the goal of benefiting human life (ie, financial profiteering, or political misuse of science), we affirm that

work in the sciences, healthcare, and medicine should hold preeminent the goal of providing benefit to humanity

at large and not private or political interests, in particular what we have defined as the goals of healthcare:

physical health and psychosocial freedom, both of which are required for the optimization of human potential

and human culture. Likewise, faculty members and teaching staff are required to model beneficence,

nonmaleficence, ethics, and justice; repeated violations of these ethical considerations will result first in

conversation and if not resolved will result in termination of any working relationship because ICHNFM will

maintain its ethics and integrity and will not be tainted by affiliation with faculty or presenters who are socially

reckless or maleficent, regardless of the scale or medium (ie, including private emails and public/social

conversations and comments). ICHNFM will maintain the highest standards of science, clinical applicability,

ethics, and social effect/influence/beneficence.

Notable publications in 2014

— Lab Fraud in Functional Medicine, ISIFMC Position on HPS2-THRIVE;

Unified Antiviral Strategy, Metabolic Correction:

Journal title, ISSN:

International Journal of Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine

ISSN: 2378-4881


Int J Hum Nutr Funct Med






Alex Vasquez DC ND DO FACN

Review Staff



website for updated

list of reviewers

Sergio Abanades MS MD PhD, Michael Gonzalez MS MHSN DSc PhD FACN, Ryan

Bradley ND MPH, Jill Carnahan MD, Deanna Minich PhD FACN, David H Haase MD,

Steve Hickey PhD, Jorge R Miranda-Massari DrPh, Tim Jackson DPT CNS, Dorothy D

Zeviar EdD LAc MPH CPH, Kenneth Cintron MD, Annette D'Armata NMD, Tariq Shafi

MD, Joseph Iaccino DC MS, Nick Karapasas DC, Jerry Bailey DC MS, Ismael Samudio

PhD, Pedro Bastos MA MS (PhD candidate at Lund University, Sweden), Maelan Fontes

MS (PhD candidate at Lund University, Sweden), Terri Ward CPA, MS, Sayer Ji BA,

Julie Jean BS BSN RN, Thomas Easley, Mathieu Bouchard