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International Journal of Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine





of Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine


—based in Portland Oregon USA and

Barcelona Spain, hosts and co-hosts onsite conferences, online seminars, our professional forum, and

publishes articles and clinical monographs available in print, free-access, and/or via other journals. Examples

of books and monographs are listed below:


Monograph: Human Microbiome Dysbiosis in Clinical Disease,


Textbook: Functional Inflammology,



on Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine


—organized and hosted on a

periodic basis, either onsite or online. To see information about our inaugural 2013 conference, see below:


2013 conference overview:


2013 conference overview video:



of Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine



flagship publication of the organization; bilingual publication is preferred; only

*clinical* and "human-centered" topics (no

in vitro

and no


studies will be

published); case reports and review articles welcome. See "Topics" below.

Summary "in a nutshell" of Instructions for Authors:

Full instructions—Full instructions available on our website

with original

sources and additional details available at


. All articles must undergo peer-review and receive

approval from at least 3 Editors/Reviewers and are also subject to public posting and review during the peer-

review process to increase "openness" of the review process. Any major dissenting views may be published

along with the publication. Publication does not imply endorsement by all members of



Review Board.

Topics—Case reports, reviews, essays/editorials/opinions are welcome and should be passionate/polemical,

highly creative, densely cited, clinically relevant, socially contextualized, with colorful/relevant graphics.

Case reports and review articles must be scholarly, innovative, and well-presented to clearly and potently

communicate new information. All reasonable publications will be considered; especially: single-article

reviews and refutations, book reviews, surveys/summaries of recent events and conferences.

Organization—Authors are allowed creative flexibility; structure and flow of the article should be intuitive,

logical, and clear. We cherish the blend of scholasticism with artistry.

Grammar—Grammar should be clear and appropriately structured. Avoid use of passive sentence subjects

such as "There are…" and "It is evident…" Brevity is the soul of wit; nonpowerful words and sentences

should be omitted. Focus on direct subjects, powerful verbs, accurate and efficient descriptors.

Citations—Beyond the example below, see

. For journals: Authors

(if 6 or more, list only first 3 then "et al").


Article: Title of article.


. Year; volume: pages—note that the semicolon precedes the colon.


Books/Monographs: Authors. Title. City COLON publisher SEMICOLON year COMMA pages

Software—Microsoft Word "docx" is preferred using endnote function or embedded citations.

Images—Original high-resolution art preferred in JPEG or PNG; permissions must accompany previously

published art.

Copyrights and protections—Authors maintain copyright and share copyright with Journal for publication

and distribution; following coverage of editing/publication/distribution costs, authors receive 50% of profit

from any sales. Unless otherwise stipulated—such as for example works that the author might want published

in pay-per-view or printed book format—all articles are made available for free in PDF format; some articles

will be made available in the Amazon Kindle format for a nominal purchase price (eg, $3) to cover formatting


Processing, formatting, editing, peer-review: Very legitimate fast and rigorous peer-review process; articles

are sent/submitted to: